Friday, January 1, 2010

Room Study for Kids

Study room

Room for studyRoom for study
Turn a closet into a functional workstation. Create a desk by installing a low shelf and adding filing cabinets underneath. Paint the shelf to make it more inviting. On the top shelf, fill boxes and baskets with school supplies. Add bins and messages boards to the wall between the two shelves for extra storage and display space
Study room home officeStudy room

For a simple study area, place a desk on wheels in the corner. Now the desk can move wherever it's needed throughout the room. Add a corkboard and chalkboard to the wall for a place to write reminders or display work.
Study home roomStudy home room
Help your kid want to study with a desk made just for him or her. Take a basic desk and add a tool organizer from a hardware store below for a set of cool drawers. Install shelves in various sizes and magazine holders on the walls for storage
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Study placeStudy place
Turn a wide hallway into a work center by placing desks against the wall. Add wall cabinets above the desk to hold supplies
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home officehome office
Use a short wall, such as in an attic or below a staircase, for a built-in desk. Fill the wall with shelves of various sizes for book and supply storage. Use doors for areas where you want more privacy. Add a tabletop for a computer and work area.
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home officehome office
Give the desk a modern twist by installing uniquely shaped shadow boxes above the desk. Add other organizational items, such as a corkboard, to increase the area's storage capacity.
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home officehome office
Give your kid plenty of room to hold books and display items with a custom-made hutch. First decide where to place the desk. On the wall above the desk, add a bulletin board and a cabinet. Remove the doors to the cabinet for open shelving. Paint the three pieces as desired.Artistic Graphic Shower
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mariecor07 said...

OMG, I love the idea of putting the kids desk in the closet. I was looking at a kids desk at and I wasn't quite sure where I'd put it and your blog inspired me to measure my daughter's closet and it will fit perfectly in there. I can just put some shelving above the desk where she can store her clothes and she'll have both desk and closet. Thanks so much for that awesome idea!